Doug Lum Architecture

Doug Lum Architect; Historic Preservation; Traditional Building Design; Retail; Commercial; Residential; Convenience Stores. Licensed in Louisiana, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas & Mississippi


Vicksburg - Natchez - Jackson


Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation does not stop with preserving buildings and replicating lost elements. Historic Preservation should work to promote or reestablish the “fabric” of the street as a whole in a real and practical way. Preservation is sometimes lost when its ‘context’ is not understood. Buildings are far too often experienced in isolation. The best preservation exists the building can “connect” with people and other buildings. Historic Preservation should include new buildings defined not so much by style, but that work within the framework provided by the established context.


Carr Central Apartments

Guthrie Hall

Mississippi Heritage Trust Award 2010


Old Sears Building


The Cinnamon Tree

The Hill

Temple Gemiluth Chassed


217 Walnut Street

Guthrie Hall (small)
Ark Extra Small

Miscellaneous Historic Preservation

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